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Mainstreet Equity Corp. shares information about New Westminster to help newly moved individuals and families, getting accustomed with their new locale.
If you have just arrived to New Westminster, or you are planning to move here, we hope the below given information will help you get established in this city.
New Westminster is the original capital of British Columbia and the oldest city in Western Canada. It has got its roots back almost two centuries ago. Queen Victoria named this city after her favorite part in London, Westminster; hence the nickname of New Westminster is the Royal City. So, you and your family can go and look out some of the historic gems around the city during the weekends.
With so many international students in Calgary, there are a lot of students in the same situation as you; that’s why Mainstreet Equity Corp. wants to make your transition as easy as possible. They understand that it’s a turning point in your life, as living on your own for the first can be scary. You want to ensure you have chosen the right location, but also that the rental fee suits your budget.
From luxury apartments, to condos, to duplex/triplex and more, our specialists can find the apartment that fits your specific need. We have the best locations in the city of Calgary and Edmonton, all with modern decor, high-end furnishings and the finest amenities. Best of all, we ensure a streamlined process that is convenient and expedient.
In Edmonton and Calgary, Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) is the legislation accountable for regulating the process of rental leases. This Act applies to everyone who lives in a house, duplex, apartment or mobile home. Even the occupants of hotels and motels, living for duration of more than six months are also protected under this Act.
One of the best things about Alberta is that there is no provincial sales tax. You will have to pay 5% federal Goods and Services Tax. If compared to Quebec, Ontario or the Atlantic provinces, you will be bound to pay about a combined 15 % provincial and federal sales tax there.
Every year, many new comers in Surrey face a major shortage of housing. In this storm, it gets hard to find rentals, with some areas having 1% vacancy rates or lower. Arrive in the city a little earlier, so that you may get some time to find a good place.
Surrey is approximately 34 kilometers from the Vancouver International Airport and 42 kilometers from the Abbotsford International Airport and The Boundary Bay Airport is also in proximity in Delta, BC.