Shake your paw.


Wave, without a doubt.

Confident, substantial five, of program.

Fantastic woman.

Close the door.

Yay! These days we're heading to chat about how to prepare four methods startingwith 1 basic trick phone shake a paw.

Making use of the shake a pawtrick you can really get heaps of other lov
Today, guys, we are gonna begoing more than the place command.

Generally, how to get your dogto go to the specified area that you want them to go.

Like go to bed, or area, orwhatever you're code word is.

I'm gonna demonstratethat right now with Disney.

All right, ready boy? Let's get up, appear on.

Fundamentally, we are gonna start o
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Okay guys, what we're heading to be lookingat now, we are likely to be looking at our canine how to go away something, regardless of whether it be a pieceof meat that you fall on the flooring when you are cooking at home, or whether or not it truly is somethingin your hand that you never want him to just snatch and just take it.

So we're not heading toactually allow the dogs to just t
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All right guys, what we are likely to be lookingat now, we're going to be searching at our pet how to leave one thing, whether it be a pieceof meat that you drop on the floor when you are cooking at house, or regardless of whether it is somethingin your hand that you never want him to just snatch and get it.

So we are not heading toactually permit the canines to consider one thing rig
Hi my title is Nancy Cusick and I am a professionaldog trainer in Austin, Texas.

You can pay a visit to my web website at www.



Todaywe're likely to display you how to instruct your pet a conduct named "depart it".

Depart itis 1 of my favored behaviors.

You happen to be likely to use it to repl