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The reason why it is considered to be the most important type of testing in the software life cycle is that the installation process is the first interaction between the user and the software, which simple means that the process should be satisfactory. Successful installation process leads to happy customers which further increases the software installation rate and its success rate. Read more...
Banking and financial services are, however, rapidly transforming in the digital era. With the emergence of advanced technologies, banks are facing massive pressure to increase their efficiency and flexibility, and subsequently, lower their costs. It is really important for the banks and customers to remain transparent and authentic respectively. Undoubtedly, the idea behind integrating banking services with technology is convenience.
Why HP Unified Functional Testing is useful? - Functional tests are carried out automatically to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of application development and delivery. - Initially, little effort is required to record and configure a script. Later on, the script can be used and run again and again to verify the functionality of an application under test. - This results in saving a lot of time and money over manual testing.
Testing in production (TiP) can be described as the process of performing several types of software tests in a production environment where it is accessible to the end users. It is quite rare to find a test environment that is exactly the copy of production environment, so the scale is not the same. With most of the processes in software development, experts suggest considering the risks, rewards and best practices before moving to test in production.
Test Library Architecture Framework: Test scripts are initially created using "Record & Playback" method. After that tasks inside the scripts are grouped into Functions. There Functions are called by main text script which is called Driver in different ways to create test cases. Types of Automation Frameworks
Organizations are getting digitally powered and are liable for ensuring digital empowerment for its customers. The Gartner's CIO Agenda (2016) Survey data recommends that digitalization is mounting.
In manual testing, you don’t need to buy software automation tools and write scripts for it. You can improvise and adjust your test at run time according to requirement and look for unexpected conditions and handle them well manually.
A robust mobile test automation approach can help the companies to test quickly and effectively. At the same time, a poorly designed approach can seriously put a negative impact on the productivity and ROI. So, maximum investments can be made from test automation and also test automation effectiveness